Our Approach

ToSystem IntegrationSEI is a system integrator and uses the Modular Building Concept (MBC) approach to system integration.>


Consultation& Installation!SEI experiences range from development, design, integration and installation of simple “Hardwired” Electronic Systems to advanced nationwide Enterprise Smart Card Network Technology.>


SystemsEngineering!SEI has applied proven systems engineering concepts that have resulted in responsive, secure and cost-effective delivery of services and products to our client.>


SBA Certified Small & Disadvantaged Engineering / Integration Firm

Secuirty & Technology

Our mission is to satisfy the requirements of our clients by designing,  developing, engineering, integrating, installing, implementing and maintaining  state-of-the-art Technology through application of the most advanced technology  available.

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Our Services

Providing support with a nationwide network of teaming partners.

Nationwide Network

SEI experiences range from development, design, integration and installation of simple “Hardwired” Electronic Systems to advanced nationwide Enterprise Smart Card Network Technology, also Maintenance Support and Emergency “On-Call” Support

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Recent News Posts:

Creating a Secure Learning Environment through Enhanced Situational Awareness

Introduction In every University or College environment, the number one priority is the safety of the students and faculty. A safe learning environment is essential for learning. Without a safe learning environment, students cannot focus on learning the skills needed for a successful education and future. When violence is part of the educational setting, all students are affected in some way. Many crimes that occur on campuses go unreported to the general public which creates a false sense of security to current and prospective students and faculty. Only major catastrophes seem to make it to the network news – incidents such as those that happened at Virginia Tech, University of Virginia, and just a handful of other schools that made headlines across the country. Parents are starting to select schools based on safety and security. Challenge According to Collegesafe.com the following are sobering statistics: In 2007, 88,000 crimes were reported to police on college campuses Approximately 12% of women attending colleges in America have been raped In 2006, there were over 17,000 alcohol related crash deaths Male college students are twice as likely to be victims of violence as their female counterparts College surveys show that 1 out of 5 Continue Reading

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New Website

Systems Engineering, Inc. (SEI) is pleased to welcome you to our new website, www.seisecure.com. www.seisecure.com replaces www.systemsengineeringinc.com . We hope our new website is enjoyable and informative. Please contact us with any questions, comments and/or additional information.

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Our Approach

SEI is pleased to offer industrial automation, remote monitoring, and data acquisition, (i.e. supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) products). In addition, SEI offers High-Precision Power Quality & Energy Monitoring. Please review the Our Approach Page for more details.

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