Our Company, Systems Engineering, Inc.(SEI) is an SBA Certified Small & Disadvantaged Engineering/Integration Firm, incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia in 1987.

Our Mission

To satisfy the requirements of our clients by designing, developing, engineering, integrating, installing, implementing and maintaining state-of-the-art Technology through application of the most advanced technology available.

Our Modular Building Concept (MBC)

As Systems Integrators, SEI has learned from the test of time and lessons learned, that an engineering/integration approach, known as the Modular Building Concept (MBC) is an ideal approach for use when engineering/ integrating large and diverse systems, such as those frequently required by the Federal Government.  The Modular Building Concept (MBC) is a standardization and packaging approach, which is independent of specific systems or mission equipment. The primary objective is to implement and later retrofit when necessary, a wide range of electronic systems directly, easily, and economically, from a compatible set of standardized functional elements or modules. The standardization is primarily the use of standard Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) equipment. Usually, the components or elements are interconnected and communicate via standard data bus, which accommodates signal and control information.  This concept can be used to implement remote monitoring and control of modules and the component standardization will facilitate assembly, check out, and later retrofit of entire systems.

The MBC Approach makes maximum use of commercially available equipment, wherever possible and does not standardize on specific types of electronic equipment, communication equipment, ADP equipment, terminals, etc. Rather, the concept utilizes the packaging and interconnection of compatible components or elements to provide interchangeability by virtue of standard physical and electrical interfaces.  SEI has found this approach to system integration to be proficient, effective and economical as it saves both valuable time and money while producing quality products. Some additional benefits of the Modular Building Concept (MBC) Approach are:

  • It maximizes the use of commercially available equipment at all levels of system design.
  • It speeds the system development and retrofit cycle and thereby reduces costs.
  • It prevents vendor/manufacturer dependencies.
  • It reduces the amount of prototyping required and encourages engineers to advance “The state-of-the-art” by concentrating more time and energy on module connectivity. Frequently “Value-Added” new technology evolves from this exercise.
  • It offers independent development, assembly and testing of modules before integration, which reduces “Start-up” time and further saves valuable time and money.

Our Quality Control Commitment

As the provision of quality products and services is a major SEI Goal, to whatever extent possible and feasible, we apply a Five (5) Step Quality Control Process to all system designs, integrations and installations;

  • FIRST- To the greatest extent possible, all systems designed/integrated by SEI are assembled and tested in our Test Laboratory before “on-site” installation occur.
  • SECOND- All SEI designed/integrated system installations are performed by experienced, trained and where required, licensed Technicians.
  • THIRD- Wherever possible, when SEI designed/integrated system installations are completed, final performance tests are conducted in the presence of clients and upon satisfactory performance, clients are asked to sign Certificates of Completion.
  • FOURTH- Whenever feasible, basic system operations training is provided “on-site” at the completion of all installations.
  • FIFTH- In addition to Manufacturer and other “pass-through” warranties, “follow-on” support is provided as long as required.

Our Staff

  • Qualified Engineers and Technicians.
  • Electrical Engineers, some with “Black-Box” Experiences.
  • Microsoft Software Trained.
  • Manufacturer Product Trained
  • Extensive Smart Card Knowledge and Experiences.

Our Expertise

Design, development, engineering, integration, installation, implementation and maintenance of:

  • Situational Awareness through the use Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
  • Physical Security Information Management System (PSIM) Integration
  • Geographical Information System (GIS) Security Integration
  • Access Control Systems
  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS) Technology
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Technology

Our Contract Vehicles

  • GSA Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) Contract 84 – Contract # 47QSWA18D0023
  • National Association State Procurement Officials (NASPO) – ValuePoint Master Agreement #3407