AMAG Technology

AMAG’s Symmetry Access Control System is in accordance with HSPD-12 policy, accepts PIV credentials issued by different federal agencies, and aligns with the Federal Identity, Credential and Access Management (FICAM) roadmap.  AMAG has multiple FICAM compliant solutions, having met all testing approvals required by the U.S. General Services Administration. Symmetry supports users involved in smart card programs such as: PIV, CAC, TWIC and FRAC. Symmetry also supports non-PIV visitors through visitor management, badging, and optional DESFire card encoding.

Symmetry and Intrusion Management meets all government requirements for access control and intrusion, making it the perfect solution for local, state and federal facilities that must meet stringent security requirements such as; FIPS 201, FIPS 197, FIPS 140, FICAM, ICD 705, NERC, FISMA C&A, DIACAP, RMF, NIST requirements and TWIC. AMAG proudly secures several government agencies, national critical infrastructure and military operations including the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Interior and many Department of Defense installations.


Identiv’s Hirsch Velocity FICAM is an integrated software platform that manages access control and security operations in hundreds of different facilities, from single high secure rooms to multi-building, multilocation campuses. Control doors, gates, turnstiles, elevators, and other building equipment, monitor users as they move around a facility, prevent unwanted access, maintain compliance, and provide a robust audit trail.

Gallagher Security

Complete site management

Gallagher Command Centre is a powerful software solution designed to help you easily and simply manage access control on your site.

Fully customizable to suit the unique needs of your site, Command Centre allows you to configure, manage and report on all aspects of your system.

  • Manage cardholders, including their access, cards and photo identification.
  • Monitor alarms and control all system aspects.
  • Retrieve and report on stored system information.
  • Interface to and exchange information with third party systems.
  • Configure the site and all system components.

Access control solutions

Gallagher offers flexible, integrated access control solutions to meet your security and business requirements. Efficiently and reliably manage multiple access points to control risk, improve business efficiency, ensure business continuity and increase profitability. Intelligent data management keeps your information safe.

  • Set door and zone entry rules.
  • Monitor access points to know where, when, and why people are on your site at all times.
  • Proactively manage site access by integrating with existing HR systems to share information about clearances, credentials, inductions, required permits, licenses, and other information.
  • Set competencies for card holders.
  • Automatically enforce business health and safety policies and compliance with government regulations.
  • Welcome, manage, and control access for visitors, ensuring your duty of care and health and safety obligations are met.
  • Respond rapidly with a reliable and effective emergency management system, including lockdowns and alerts.
  • Control outputs such as lighting, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning after-hours, with a smart system managing facilities based on who is on site.
  • Manage intruder alarms with optional handover to alarms monitoring stations.
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Network Harbor Lighthouse

The LightHouse™ system is the product of over twelve years and 150,000 man-hours of R&D development, testing and quality assurance. It is designed to unify every component of a user’s security system in a seamless manner and provide comprehensive control within a single, intuitive interface. It supports virtually any component, sub-system or third-party security product on the market and has been successfully deployed in Federal, Military and Energy based installations as well as municipal and commercial sites.

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Avigilon, a Motorola Solutions company, provides trusted security solutions to the global market. Avigilon designs, develops, and manufactures video analytics, network video management software and hardware, surveillance cameras, and access control solutions. Avigilon’s solutions have been installed at thousands of customer sites, including school campuses, transportation systems, healthcare centers, public venues, critical infrastructure, prisons, factories, casinos, airports, financial institutions, government facilities, and retailers.

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Milestone Systems

Founded in 1998, Milestone Systems is a world-leading provider of open platform IP video management software (VMS), dedicated to deliver high quality business video platform software, in which our community of hardware and software partners can integrate their video solutions for security and beyond security purposes. Our objective is to improve our community customers’ organizational processes and safety level through the management, integration and distribution of digital video data.

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Salient Systems

Salient Systems is a leader in video surveillance management systems and is recognized as the “Transition Leader” in the electronic security industry. Providing the most straightforward, cost effective approach to video surveillance and the transition from analog to IP video, Salient’s CompleteView VMS easily scales and offers everything.

Founded in 1995, Salient Systems is a leader in open architecture video management systems. By combining powerful, yet flexible video management software and versatile hardware platforms, Salient delivers surveillance solutions that are easy to use, flexible and scalable. As Salient’s CompleteView VMS supports a wide variety of security industry applications, customers are free to choose the best available design parameters to fit their needs.

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Hanwha Techwin America

Hanwha offers video surveillance products including IP cameras, storage devices and management software founded on world-class optical design, manufacturing and image processing technologies. We offer end-to-end security solutions and have achieved global success across a wide range of industry verticals including retail, transportation, education, banking, healthcare, hospitality and airports. Hanwha’s recently introduced Wisenet line of innovative security products demonstrates the value, technology and commitment we bring to market including 12MP cameras, intelligent video analytics and H.265 support.

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AMBERBOX Gunshot Detection

AmberBox is a detection and response system designed to protect lives in the event of an active shooter incident. We automate the emergency process to significantly reduce response time and remove human error.Through our patented tri-factor authentication system, AmberBox identifies gunshots with a near-zero false alarm rate, automatically notifying law enforcement and building security representatives, providing vital information as events unfold.

The cloud based AmberBox Response Platform delivers real-time data on rapidly evolving active shooter incidents. It monitors locations, tracks perpetrator movement and responds immediately with preprogrammed security features anytime, anywhere.

Eagl Gunshot Detection

The EAGL Gunshot Detection & Lockdown System works automatically and autonomously performing full facility lockdown features when integrated with existing Access Control systems. As this happens, EAGL provides Law Enforcement with notifications of an active shooter by text, email and live video streaming.  The EAGL System also has the capability to provide Law Enforcement with incident ballistic information delivering a critical component for situational awareness!

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Observation Without Limits (O.W.L.)

Observation Without Limits™ (OWL) delivers high-tech solutions that equip today’s critical infrastructure owners to evolve to a new model of physical security for protecting critical sites. In a range of vertical industries, we help customers meet physical security challenges that are growing in complexity and scale beyond the capabilities of traditional approaches and technologies.

GROUNDAWARE® Surveillance Sensor Systems are the foundation for the comprehensive event-based layered security that OWL is helping customers implement in a range of industries. The GroundAware portfolio offers full-featured systems with our own digital multi-beamforming radar technology, advanced intelligence and communications capabilities, and easy integration with other layers of security our customers employ.

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Summit Worx

Remote Communication SuiteProvides essential “First In” or “Remote” location communications infrastructure in an easily managed, rapidly deployed, man portable solution. Built exclusively for users travelling to locations with limited or non-existent network infrastructure, the Summit Worx RCS provides instant voice, video, and data capabilities.

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Response Platform:

Response Platform is the first Security Integration as a Service platform (SIaaS). Response platform solves complex implementation problems by offering standardization across your Global Security Operation. It combines proprietary integration and open standards, underpinned by our record of building and delivering hundreds of integrations and projects in the security industry.

Response Platform combines Mobile, IoT, PSIM and Open standards technology to deliver the most flexible method of integrating security technologies to date. In the cloud or On-Premise, Response platform offers Command and Control, Video, Mobile, Location services comprising Security and Safety and covering not only physical assets but also your workforce.

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Minder GSS

Response Platform:

Minder Global Safety Platform provides Security and Protection of your critical assets by connecting mobile technologies to the Security Operations of your business which allows you to manage personal safety and mitigate operational risk.

Minder is built on cloud technology and delivers two-way communication so that Security Personnel can be proactive and safely manage Remote workers and colleagues who work away from company headquarters.

Minder combines web and mobile technologies with the latest IoT innovation into one platform to deliver:

  • Personal Safety
  • Asset Tracking
  • Executive Travel Management
  • Security & Process Automation
  • Lone Worker Management
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Completed projects

The following projects were completed using one or more of the products listed on this page.
BLM Training Center

Bureau of Land Management (BLM) National Training Center

The BLM National Training Center (NTC) is recognized nationally as one of the outstanding training facilities in government. NTC is a modern, campus-style facility, consisting of three 3-story buildings interconnected by decks and plazas. A distinctive architectural feature of the facility is a circular stairway in the center of the three buildings that provides access between floors. SEI successfully installed an AMAG Symmetry HSPD-12 Compliant Access Control System.

national Interagency Fire Center

National Interagency Fire Center

The National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC), located in Boise, Idaho, is the nation’s support center for wild-land firefighting. Eight different agencies and organizations are part of NIFC. Decisions are made using the interagency cooperation concept because NIFC has no single director or manager.
• Mission is to serve as a focal point for coordinating the national mobilization of resources for wild-land fire and other incidents throughout the United States.
SEI successfully installed an AMAG Symmetry HSPD-12 Compliant Access Control System.

BLM Headquarters

BLM Headquarters

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) may best be described as a small agency with a big mission: To sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of America’s public lands for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations. It administers more public land – over 245 million surface acres – than any other Federal agency in the United States. Most of this land is located in the 12 Western states, including Alaska. The BLM also manages 700 million acres of sub-surface mineral estate throughout the nation.
SEI successfully installed an AMAG Symmetry HSPD-12 Compliant Access Control System.