“As the COR of this contract, I am very pleased with the performance that SEI provides. SEI consistently exceeds the requirements of the contract. On a weekly basis, SEI surges to complete our short-term suspense’s.”

Mr. Art Tysen (Former Assistant Director of Organizational Security)

“Their ability to bring along manufacturers and suppliers during this period of uncertain end presented the Government a risk mitigation position that assisted in understanding proprietary and standard approaches to inform business and Interagency Advisory Board decisions for Physical Access and Smart Card standards.”

Mr. Robert Donelson (Former Chair of the Government Smart Card Interagency Advisory Board)

“If you are seeking a superior company, with a distinguished record of superior performance, and outstanding achievements, SEI an excellent choice. While supporting me at FinCEN, they consistently demonstrated an ability to rise to any challenge.”

Mr. Stacey Williams (Former Assistance Director of Security, Executive Office of the President)