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Integrated Situational Management

Integrated Situational Management (ISM)

Integrated Situational Management (ISM) ISM is a fact-based decision support system designed to facilitate the sharing of data and collaboration within any enterprise. ISM is a SEI integrated solution that: Uses COTS products to provides a common operating picture and to provide Situational Awareness within an enterprise. ISM unifies & manages both physical systems & non-physical systems to provide insight into all events. ISM enables better business decisions at all levels, provides risk mitigation and allows for big data analytics. The Core Element of ISM is the Mission of the Enterprise, Identity of the Asset/Data that Supports the Mission, the Visualization of Asset/Data in a Common Operating Picture (COP) and the Collaboration and Sharing the COP with the Enterprise. ISM is a Fact -based decision support system designed to facilitate the Sharing of data and Collaboration within any Enterprise.
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Creating a Secure Learning Environment through Enhanced Situational Awareness


In every University or College environment, the number one priority is the safety of the students and faculty. A safe learning environment is essential for learning. Without a safe learning environment, students cannot focus on learning the skills needed for a successful education and future. When violence is part of the educational setting, all students are affected in some way. Many crimes that occur on campuses go unreported to the general public which creates a false sense of security to current and prospective students and faculty. Only major catastrophes seem to make it to the network news – incidents such as those that happened at Virginia Tech, University of Virginia, and just a handful of other schools that made headlines across the country. Parents are starting to select schools based on safety and security.


According to the following are sobering statistics:
  • In 2007, 88,000 crimes were reported to police...
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